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Shanghai Silver Engineer Machinery Co., Ltd

Enterprise Introduction

Silver Engineer Machinery Co.,Ltd.  focus on designing and manufacturing Automatic Production Line ......

Enterprise Culture

Our Value: Treat everyone sincerely and do everything well ......

Enterprise Vision

In the field of aluminum foil packaging project, It becomes the best manufacturer of equipment ......

Enterprise Mission 

To promote aluminum foil packaging as a mission, In order to reduce environmental pollution ......


Since the establishment of the enterprise in 2009, It has adopted advanced professional standards for the production ......

  • About us

    Silver working value

    Treat everyone sincerely and do everything conscientiously

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  • Company position

    The whole picture of the company

    No.328, Weizhong Rd., Jiashan, Zhejiang, China.

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  • Future

    The future of the earth

    New, net, homogenous

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  • Aluminum foil container

    Aluminum foil container

    Baking containers, cooking containers, oven containers, refrigerated containers, takeaway containers, laboratory containers and other packaging areas.

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