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Aluminum Foil Packing Containers with a great Environmental Significance.

alufoil Foil Containers
The kinds of Aluminum Foil Containers produced by SilverEngineer ® Automation Smart Line are widely used in the Baking Containers, Cooking Containers, Oven Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Takeaway Containers, Laboratory Containers and Other packaging fields, with a broad development prospect and great Environmental Significance. 
paper Foil Rolls
Rolls of Aluminum Foil widely applications include Barbecue, Freshness keeping, Roasting or Refrigeration. We developed the Automatic Rewinder for Foil Rewinding and Cling Fime Rewinding purpose. It can be connected with Automatic Box Packing Machine for real smart automatic solution for rolls project.
film Container Lids
Lids for container packaging solution, we had offer Paper Lid, Plastic Dome Lid, Aluminum Formed Lid and Sealing Lid. Fit for different food packing way to match different Requirement.
We have all machines for Lid locking and sealing. 
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